Sunday, January 27, 2013

Running on Empty?

This week’s inspiration came to me while attending church today. The pastor’s message was titled "What is Discipleship." The dictionary defines discipleship as one who accepts and assists in spreading the doctrines of another. According to the pastor, discipleship is really all about one thing, movement: going from one place in Christ to the next. In our Christian walk, we start out by first exploring Christ, growing to Christ, being Close to Christ, and finally becoming Christ-centered. Like our Christian journey, we should all strive to reach the next level in our fitness journey also. Some of us are in that first stage of exploring different exercises, trying to find the right fit, while others have moved to the next level of occasionally exercising and eating healthy. Many have graduated to working out three to four times a week as well as incorporating a healthy diet, but how many have reached the final stage of becoming full devoted disciples of fitness? One who not only exercises and eats healthy, but also encourage and help others with their journey. Where are you in your fitness journey? Are you striving to get to the next level? Let’s all work together to become fully devoted disciples of fitness.

Commit to be FIT!

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