Friday, February 1, 2013

Flexible February Challenge

  • It’s that time again for a new monthly challenge and we’re changing it up this month.  I was online the other day trying to find some new ways to stretch and I came across this challenge and thought it would be a great idea for our group to join in.

    Welcome to the Fitting It All In Flexible February Challenge! Since so many people started working on new fitness goals at the beginning of the year, I thought a February challenge that makes sure we all stay flexible would be perfect! Stretching can improve performance and decrease risk of injury, but it is often the part of the workout that is left out or rushed through. The goal is to get in 60 minutes of stretching each week, divided however you'd like. Yoga counts! You can choose 10 minutes on your own after you work out six days a week, 15 minutes four times a week, two 30 minute yoga podcasts at home or just one 60 minute class at your favorite studio . It's up to you - make it work with your schedule. Just accept the challenge, and leave a comment at the end of each week saying you've completed the goal and post some pictures of different ways you were able to fit in your 60 minutes of stretching.  GAME ON!  Challenge:  Accepted?

    Remember, monthly challenge participants can qualify for the BWOTR  'Brava' award. 

    Commit to be Fit!

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