Sunday, March 31, 2013

Running on Empty?

We had a wonderful March “Fab Abs” challenge, but now it’s time to prepare for a new one.  Even though we are jumping into our Spring challenge, let’s not forget about our core.  A lot of us have expressed our dislike for planks, so I wanted to share this inspiring story with everyone.  In 2011, a 71-year-old Wisconsin woman broke the Guinness World Record for planking. Betty Lou Sweeney held the abdominal plank for 36 minutes and 58 seconds.  In December 2012, she made it up to 40 minutes.  Now, I don’t expect us to reach 30 minutes, but we can get up to at least 3 minutes by the end of the month.  :)

Click the link below to learn more about Betty Lou Sweeney.

~Commit to be Fit!

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