Friday, October 11, 2013

October Brava Award Winner

Monica has exhibited everything and more as a member of BWOTR. She has set realistic goals, worked to accomplish them, and also motivates her husband, children, and friends to become physically healthy and fit. One mission of BWOTR is for the members to live a life dedicated and committed to health and fitness. Monica’s life is HEALTH AND FITNESS.

Monica joined BWOTR in June of 2012. She ran the Azalea Trail Run in early spring and was interested in joining a running group. She saw someone wearing a Black Girls Run shirt and immediately joined the Birmingham chapter. Seeking growth with her running, she diligently reached out to Olivia Affuso, a leader of the Birmingham chapter of BGR. She was on an eager search for members who lived in Mobile. Olivia encouraged Monica to reach out to Angel, who in turn invited Monica to a workout with BWOTR. Monica’s first workout reminded her of the first day of school; she was nervous, but excited. She felt welcomed by Heather, who greeted her with a smile and a head full of flexi-rods. Inspiration, amazement, and success are just a few words Monica used to describe the beginning of her journey with BWOTR.

Many goals have been set and accomplished during Monica’s time with BWOTR. A few of the goals accomplished is choosing a 10K as her first race! She trained only on a treadmill. Her second 10K yielded a major improvement, finishing at 1:15. Monica aspires to complete a half-marathon and continue to make fitness part of her life forever.
Outside of training with BWOTR, Monica now wakes up for a 4:30 am work out EVERY morning. The workouts include use of weights, resistance bands, kettle bells, and jump ropes. She has also started a half-marathon training program in preparation for the Rock n Roll Half in February. Monica has expressed how the sisterhood between group members is pretty much like having your own cheerleaders everywhere you go!!! Monica definitely knows what it means to be healthy, fit, fabulous, and a Black Woman on the RUN!! Snap! Snap!

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